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  • Taxi to volcano then? - Bali in 7 days - Part 3

    30 January 2011, by Mentom
    Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary The Monkey Forest is part of the "classics" of Ubud. For one, it is within the town area, thus not requiring any taxi or similar transportation service. For two, it has an official entrance fee that does not need to be "negotiated".
    According to the Internet, a Hindu temple existed on this site since the 14th century. The actual temple constructions however, although looking very old, date only several years back. The climate and probably the deterioration of (...)  continue continue
  • Taxi, tomorrow? - Bali in 7 days - Part 2

    21 January 2011, by Mentom
    Ricefields around Ubud - Pejeng Yes, again the Lonely Planet. This time he catched us with the promise of nature walks and trekking in the rice fields. Several trails were proposed in the book, and we settled on a nice 10km route to Pejeng, west of Ubud; via the so-called Elephant cave and back to home. In my mind, I already pictured the green fields as far as one can see, gentle landscapes, friendly villagers... The next day, it quickly became clear that no one here seems to walk, (...) continue continue
  • Yes, taxi? - Bali in 7 days - Part 1

    31 December 2010, by Mentom
    What? You are living for sooo long in Asia and you haven’t been to Bali?! Bali, you MUST visit Bali. Bali ... Bali is Bali! It is so relaxing! Peace, tranquility; how can you miss Bali? And it is sooooo cheeeeeeeeap!!!
    After hearing such and similar comments from my friends in Singapore for months and months, this Christmas there was not much choice. Instead of another bumpy 12 hour flight to Europe, we are going to Bali : peace and tranquility. Rice fields, cool weather, incense sticks, (...)  continue continue
  • Off time

    21 avril 2008, par Mentom
    Less than an hour by ferry from Singapore lies one of Asia’s best-kept secrets. The resort island of Bintan shines with its pristine beaches and holiday atmosphere.
    Ca c’est bien dit ca ! Enfin en repos bien merite de la frenesie business de la Chine - je choisis de "disparaitre" pour quelques jours sur la plus proche des iles indonesiennes, loin des ordis et telephones portables.
    Des petits chalets assez comfortables peuvent se louer directement sur la plage..le bruit des vagues (...)  suite suite

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