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  • New year, new ... family member !

    9 février 2012, par Mentom — 1 Message
    Gong Xi Fa Cai - Happy New Year !
    I know, it’s not quite as "new" year any more : we are in February. Here in Asia, I have an excuse : the Chinese New Year of the Dragon celebration was not so long ago.
    New year, new resolutions, would say some. New year, same old resolutions, would say others. And time to look back at the "achievements" of the past year ; to know which ones of the failed resolutions to copy-paste onto the next year’s Excel sheet. For me, a good copy-paste candidate is the (...)  suite suite
  • Jurong Lake Run, July 2011

    20 August 2011, by Mentom
    As always, I am catching up with events : everything is happening so fast this year. The running training sessions are still very sparse, and the next half-marathon is already at the doorstep, in two weeks time. In fact, it seems the races themselves are solely my training units.
    Back to July: my last 10km run was the Jurong Lake run. Finally a race course at the West coast, which is conveniently located (for some!). At last i don’t need to wake up at 4 or 5am to get a cab to the city and (...)  continue continue
  • Run 350 - Singapore Marina Bay

    17 April 2011, by Mentom
    Today it was time for a small "warm-up" race since the Sundown marathon is approaching fast : the so-called "run 350" race organized by NTUC. For the non Singaporeans, NTUC is the only (pro-government) trade union of Singapore, after the left-wing one has collapsed with the arrest of it’s leaders during the government’s operation Coldstore in 1963. In the same time, NTUC runs a supermarket chain where I buy my groceries.
    Not sure if organizing the race is more linked to the upcoming (...)  continue continue
  • Standard Chartered Singapore Half-marathon - dec 2010

    9 December 2010, by Mentom
    All runners: beeing jobless is probably a good way to prepare a race. My personal experience, since I have now left my work about three weeks ago. Before I attributed my more or less permanent fatigue to many factors; but in particular the age. Yeah, we are not getting any younger, normal what.. But after a couple of days, I could already feel a change. My eyes were not shutting down at 10pm, I kept beeing quite alert in the evening. In the morning, it happened to me to wake up (and (...) continue continue
  • Singapore Army Half Marathon - September 2010

    3 October 2010, by Mentom
    And another half-marathon...
    After my second full marathon, the challenge already seems so minor : "just" 21km!
    I had subscribed to this one long time ago, but all my focus this year so far was to properly accomplish the Sundown Marathon end of May. Then came a one month recovery period (the month where you have an official excuse not to run...); thereafter I went on leave to France for one month... thereafter i plunged into one month of catchup with huge piles of work after coming back... (...)  continue continue

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