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  • Taxi, tomorrow? - Bali in 7 days - Part 2

    21 January 2011, by Mentom
    Ricefields around Ubud - Pejeng Yes, again the Lonely Planet. This time he catched us with the promise of nature walks and trekking in the rice fields. Several trails were proposed in the book, and we settled on a nice 10km route to Pejeng, west of Ubud; via the so-called Elephant cave and back to home. In my mind, I already pictured the green fields as far as one can see, gentle landscapes, friendly villagers... The next day, it quickly became clear that no one here seems to walk, (...) continue continue
  • Yes, taxi? - Bali in 7 days - Part 1

    31 December 2010, by Mentom
    What? You are living for sooo long in Asia and you haven’t been to Bali?! Bali, you MUST visit Bali. Bali ... Bali is Bali! It is so relaxing! Peace, tranquility; how can you miss Bali? And it is sooooo cheeeeeeeeap!!!
    After hearing such and similar comments from my friends in Singapore for months and months, this Christmas there was not much choice. Instead of another bumpy 12 hour flight to Europe, we are going to Bali : peace and tranquility. Rice fields, cool weather, incense sticks, (...)  continue continue
  • Standard Chartered Singapore Half-marathon - dec 2010

    9 December 2010, by Mentom
    All runners: beeing jobless is probably a good way to prepare a race. My personal experience, since I have now left my work about three weeks ago. Before I attributed my more or less permanent fatigue to many factors; but in particular the age. Yeah, we are not getting any younger, normal what.. But after a couple of days, I could already feel a change. My eyes were not shutting down at 10pm, I kept beeing quite alert in the evening. In the morning, it happened to me to wake up (and (...) continue continue
  • Fooled by randomness, Nassim Taleb

    11 October 2010, by Mentom
    Earlier this year I developed a bad habit of not finishing books : i kind of read them half through and then let them aside; because I came across something more interesting. With exception of travel accounts about sea farers like Magellan; which may show what I am really interested in.
    So in the past months i made a conscious effort to close off some of those books in my bed chamber, with the objective of putting them back to the shelf. I also came across "Fooled by randomness", by Nassim (...)  continue continue
  • Singapore Army Half Marathon - September 2010

    3 October 2010, by Mentom
    And another half-marathon...
    After my second full marathon, the challenge already seems so minor : "just" 21km!
    I had subscribed to this one long time ago, but all my focus this year so far was to properly accomplish the Sundown Marathon end of May. Then came a one month recovery period (the month where you have an official excuse not to run...); thereafter I went on leave to France for one month... thereafter i plunged into one month of catchup with huge piles of work after coming back... (...)  continue continue

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