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  • 1000+

    21 May 2012, by Mentom
    No, the title of the post is not a hidden advertisement for 100 Plus drinks. It also unfortunately does not reflect my state of fitness in percent in view of the coming Sundown marathon next weekend. It just marks an event:
    I had my Garmin running watch replaced somewhere in the beginning of 2011, as it went a bit mad after two years of usage. I suspect Garmin never had those watches tested in the humid Singapore conditions of a run through tropical rain forest. Saying this, because my (...)  continue continue
  • New year, new ... family member !

    9 février 2012, par Mentom — 1 Message
    Gong Xi Fa Cai - Happy New Year !
    I know, it’s not quite as "new" year any more : we are in February. Here in Asia, I have an excuse : the Chinese New Year of the Dragon celebration was not so long ago.
    New year, new resolutions, would say some. New year, same old resolutions, would say others. And time to look back at the "achievements" of the past year ; to know which ones of the failed resolutions to copy-paste onto the next year’s Excel sheet. For me, a good copy-paste candidate is the (...)  suite suite
  • The Ancestor’s tale, Richard Dawkins

    2 December 2011, by Mentom
    After having slurped down my after-lunch coffee today, I rushed out of my home’s door just to miss the bus by seconds only. Sitting at the bus stop, melting in the sun and waiting for the next one (15 minutes to go!); I reflected about the changes happening to the daily routine since I opted out of the corporate work life, and instead to be so-called "independent" with my own schedule.
    Change number one, instead of the airport lounge, I am now waiting for my transport at the bus stop. No (...)  continue continue
  • From Satun to Phuket

    25 November 2011, by Mentom — 1 Message
    The second part of the trip was to get across the Thai border to enter the world of sandy beaches and beautiful dive-sites. Unfortunately, I had to make another "discovery" about the Asia monsoon: just as during the "winter" the Malaysian East coast completely shuts down because of strong winds and high waves, so does the Thai West coast in summer.
    The "shack". Robinson Crusoe feeling and total loneliness guaranteed at this "resort". Only companions: hordes of mosquitoes and the shack (...)  continue continue
  • Cameron Highlands and Langkawi

    7 October 2011, by Mentom
    That’s the first part of my two-country trip this summer - starting in Kuala Lumpur and ending in Bangkok. On the program : trekking, diving, swimming, climbing and .. simply taking time. The perfect holiday!
    The Gunung (Mount) Brinchang in the Cameron Highlands can be reached by a comfortable guided tour by bus, accompanied with a tea plantation visit and other goodies. Though according to the Lonely Planet there was a trail in the forest : "very muddy, slippery, steep. Not recommended". (...)  continue continue

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